Here at Seek, we welcome your feedback as we create the best experience possible with all of your adventures in mind. In response to suggestions and ideas we received from you so far, we have some big changes coming your way.

Seek’s new premium currency, called Dust, is making an appearance along with Radius Boosters and new premium chest types.

The map will now feature a circle around each chest to indicate if you are in range to capture that chest. Radius Boosters increase the radius of the circles around chests and allow you to capture chests from further distances, permanently.



Dust is a new currency
Radius Boosters allow you to capture chests from further distances.

Radius Boosters allow you to capture chests from further distances.

You can acquire radius boosters with the new Dust currency and can earn Dust by recycling duplicate fragments.

Premium Chests are also new to the app with this update. We will no longer have Legendary, Epic or Rare chests. Now, there will only be Common Chests and Premium Chests. There will be three Premium Chests you can open; Emerald, Tourmaline, and Amethyst. All Premium Chests require three keys to open. Common Chests will still dot the globe where you can find coins, keys and prizes.

Another new item is called Satchels. Satchels are rare items that contain multiple items inside. You can find the satchels you have won in your stash.

There are now only two Booster types, Common and Premium. Common Boosters will boost common chests and Premium Boosters with boost all premium chests.



Common Booster
Radius Booster

We have converted your current boosters to new boosters and satchels.

New options will be added in the settings as well. You can receive a notification if a chest near you has been boosted so you don’t miss out when other people in your area are Seeking.

Additionally, you will notice revamped icons including keys and coins.

There will no longer be any in-app purchases tied to real money.

Thank you for your support and feedback as we improve your experience with Seek! We hope you enjoy the new features and updates, and Happy Seeking!

NOTE: Any current duplicate fragments will be converted to 9.99999 coins. You can use the recycle feature in the stash to convert future duplicate fragments in the future will be converted to dust.


Android and iOS will contain some differences.

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