Hey everyone! We’ve had a LOT of new users lately, and instead of answering 1,000 social media posts, I figured it would be fun to write a quick blog on the basic rules of the game. We really haven’t told people much up to now, and that’s been on purpose, to really test how user friendly and intuitive everything is. We have a LONG way to go, and user experience will always be a big focus. For now, here is a basic rundown:



Chests are the basic object in Seek through which you can interact and win prizes. Prizes can range from coins to cash to real prizes, and much more! In order to collect chests, you must open the Seek Map (the main screen), identify the location of a chest, and physically navigate to it. Once you are within capture range (typically 10-20 meters), you tap on the chest and then tap “Capture.” This will bring you to an augmented reality view of your world. Hold the camera up at about eye level and use the radar in the top-right corner of the screen to find the chest. Just turn until the star is at the top, and you should see the chest. Once you see it, tap it, and it will open up, revealing your prize!

Before opening any chest, you are able to tap o the popup above the dot to see what potential prizes are in there. Coins are the most common item you will win in all chests, but when you are lucky, you will win something else!

There are 4 primary types of chests:

Common (blue)

Rare (green)

Epic (purple)

Legendary (gold)

These 4 chest types are all over the world. You also might see a red chest occasionally. These will become more frequent as we work with businesses in your local area to provide rewards at their storefronts. If you know of a business or restaurant that would like to be in Seek, please have them reach out to info@seekadventureapp.com or use this link to get in touch with a Seek team member.



The Vault is simple. Prizes near you. We search within roughly 25 kilometers of you for all prizes that are available. You then have to figure out where the prizes are by searching the chests (tapping on the popup above the dots). The search feature on the map allows you to look anywhere in the world at other areas and what types of prizes there are. There are different prizes for the UK, for Japan, for Australia, and for the US! You can tap on the sponsor’s logo, and then tap again on the prizes to learn about them.



This is where you get to check out what you’ve won! You can see your key count, coin count, and cash balance at the top. Keys are used to open Rare (1), Epic (3), and Legendary (5) chests. Keys cost 100 coins in the Shop. On Apple, you cannot purchase coins from the App Store, but can only use your in-app cash, so hang onto it! Of course, you can always cash out with the PayPal symbol, but then, when you need it most, you may not have any left.

There are three sections of prizes: Prizes, Fragments, Recently Expired Prizes.

When you win a prize, redemption instructions show up on it. Just tap on the item in the Stash, and it will tell you what to do. Some items are meant to be redeemed in person, while others will automatically send an email notification to Seek or to the sponsor of the prize with your information for delivery.



Profiles are one of the most important items in the game. You are all smart, and we want to make sure everyone understands our business model. Sponsors give us items and pay to place them in Seek so that YOU can win! In order to do this, we need to know what our users like and want to win. Your profile allows you to choose whether you want to win products aimed at men or women, what age, and related to what interests. Most prizes are aimed at everybody, but increasingly often, sponsors will say, “We’re a new golf club, and we want males, age 30-40 to see this product.” If you haven’t selected golf as an interest (and you like golf), then you might miss out on winning a sweet new product!

Quick add-in to this: We NEVER share your personal information with anyone, and we have bank level security in our app. Because there is real cash and real prizes involved, the entire process is very secure, and it has to be. We let sponsors create special offers towards groups of people, but not at specific individuals. Unless you opt in, you will never receive an email from our sponsors as a result of Seek. We currently don’t have the opt-in feature right now, but may in the near future.



In Settings, there are several awesome features:

Battery saving–sound effects, music, AR, pulse, sparks, and # of chests shown. Turn all of these off and down if you want to save your battery. It’s a fun experience outside of the AR mode also, and saves a lot of battery. We have found that the pulse and the spark features drain the most battery. If you are connected to a power pack, though, it’s fun to have everything rolling!

View Tutorial – in case you missed it in the beginning

Share With Friends – Free coins! This is a great way to get ahead in competitions and snag a ton of coins to buy keys and win the big prizes!

Contact Us – gives you a couple options for contacting us

Request Chest Placement – If you know of an awesome place for us to put chests that you go to often, use this link. We put a much higher priority on these requests

Enter Swipe Code – let your imagine go wild 🙂

Steps – total number of steps taken while Seeking! This is technically in beta mode right now, but will be added to Stats later



Competitions, Stats, and Achievements are some of the most engaging things in Seek! We hope they are self-explanatory, but I’ll touch briefly on them.

Stats is easiest, so I’ll start there. View how many chests you’ve collected, total coins collected, and total XP. You can also see this on a global scale to see global engagement. These stats were all reset at our official launch on March 1. More stats will be added here in the future (like steps).

Achievements are also pretty straightforward. Accomplish specific tasks in the app, and get bonus rewards! We’re working on this right now, but for now, there are double bonuses all over the place (not on purpose). Enjoy it for now, because we’ll have it working properly before the end of the week.

Competitions are one of the funnst and most engaging features in Seek. There are several competitions that just happened, and we’ll be starting more before the end of tomorrow (3/16/2017). We measure one of two things in competitions–most chests of a certain type (common, epic, etc.) or most items of a certain type (coins, tokens, XP, etc.). We can get very creative with this, and we will be rolling out some really cool things in the near future.

Tap on a competition to see leaderboards, rewards, and details. Rewards should be pretty self-explanatory, but in case it isn’t, whatever number is next to the award, is the place you have to be in to receive that reward.

That’s all for now! I’m pretty sure all of this can be learned just from playing the game, but maybe we filled in a hole or two for you!

Oh yeah, and tap the compass to load chests.

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