Hey Seekers!

For the last 20-30 years, technology has been developing at astonishing rates. With every new gadget, from TVs and laptops to iPads and phones, we have been sucked more into a virtual world. The average person spends 10 hours on devices every single day, and if the past is any predictor of the future, then this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

Here in UT, where Seek is headquartered, it is Pioneer Day, and we are celebrating those who came before us to make possible the life we live today. Seek is a pioneer in the world of augmented reality, and while this technology is cutting edge, I believe it has the ability to break the trend of taking us away from the world.

Seek’s vision is to bring people back to reality, back into the real world, and experiencing all that it has to offer. Augmented reality, in its purest form, is location-based–it adds more to the already amazing world out there. There is so much to discover, and Seek is leading the way as the world’s leading augmented reality platform. Right now, the Seek you experience rewards you for getting out and going on adventures, but there is so much more on the horizon.

For now, take a page out of Pia’s book, and see if you can walk over 400 kilometers in a month, just like Pia did on her FitBit with Seek. Seeing our users out and collecting millions of chests every day is both exciting and inspiring. Keep it up, and stand by for big changes and amazing new, game-changing features coming out in the next couple months.

Jon Cheney
CEO, Seek

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